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Our client list speaks for itself. Since our earliest days, we’ve worked with diverse customers from start-ups to well established companies with that same partnership approach and dedication at the core of every engagement.

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VISI / ONE has many years of experience with major automotive customers and attaches great importance to a very close and personal customer relationship.
At the start of the project, there was no uniform CRM system in the company. Each salesperson has organized himself, with the result that often very important customers were simply forgotten. To resolve this issue, Salesforce was introduced as a CRM solution.
Since the sales team is kept deliberately small, the focus of the implementation from the beginning was on a high degree of automation and transparency.

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Salesforce &
for Sales & Services

In an early start-up phase, the customer decided to map their processes in “Podio”. With Podio can quickly build a database of simple processes. However, it does not provide any opportunities to clean processes, automations or validations.
At the end of 2014, Podio was no longer suitable for this project – after a long evaluation phase Salesforce was chosen as a new tool. At the time, the German customer team was still very young and did not have enough manpower to set up the system on its own.
INCUBES has supported the client from the beginning with strategy, architecture and execution.

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MenschDanke GmbH

More success in sales and performance controlling thanks to Salesforce Sales Cloud

The care of new and existing voucher providers and shops with offers was previously based on emails on resubmission. A success tracking of individual shops and vouchers is possible, but must be done manually and is very expensive. Every salesperson has organized himself. Sometimes opportunities were not tracked efficiently A CRM system did not exist.
As a result, the new potential voucher providers and shops were not optimally served and potentials such. in particularly good running shops and vouchers were not recognized in good time and used. Additional business through placements was strongly neglected and was associated with much manual effort in the sales process, sometimes bills were forgotten.

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